Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prints Charming

My package from the Fat Quarter shop arrived today. Here is what I bought at 40%-50% off. I do watch their newsletter and periodically click on the links for the sale fabrics. They are a great source of basics for me. At the far left are some textured solids. The three in the center are for replenishing my supply of polka dots. At the far right are some two tone graphics that I love to throw in here and there or use for binding.  I bought a yard of each.

The purple impulse purchase on the left is for my granddaughter with an October birthday. For her first birthday her mom sewed her a dress out of a monster fabric so who knows what will happen for her second birthday? I bought 1.5 yards. The story book charm pack was not on sale and is not assigned a recipient yet. I have been admiring the collection for a while. A charm pack is a relatively small monetary investment (even though I just missed the 20% off incentive) and I do not have to decide among the print choices. I also wanted some charm packs to try out a quick quilt pattern the Fat Quarter shop offers for free that takes two print charm packs and two solid charm packs.

The colors of the Storybook collection are like luscious sherbet and the prints are precious. I bought two print charm packs only. I have solids I can cut up to use. It will not be as convenient but it will work. I just have to choose a color for the solid. Although I would like to be a bit more adventurous than white, white would make the prints pop the most. Sometimes the most common choices are selected not because they are safe but because they work the best. I have a white on white heart mini-print I am considering but need to see if it is too creamy or too off-white next to the charm pack white.

Hmm... this free pattern approach is suspiciously like the pet store that gives you a free goldfish and you have to by the bowl, gravel, food, etc. The link for the free downloadable pdf pattern is The link for a tutorial is

This will be more fun and more colorful than a goldfish. Smells better too and I will not have to clean the bowl.

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