Thursday, July 5, 2018

My DL2Q Blog Book - Vol. 10

I have added Volume 10 of my DianeLoves2Quilt blog book to my ongoing series that I make from the online service Blog2Print. Volume 9 contained 355 pages which was really too thick and heavy to handle and so, following my own advice, Volume 10 contains 233 pages and 21 posts and seems about right. This post is mainly a collection of notes to myself but I will also link it to Let's Bee Social #232 in case others want to make blog books of their own.

Volume 10: Dec 28, 2017 - Jun 22, 2018

The quilt for my fifth grandchild is pictured on the front cover. The post for this quilt was dated 4/27/18. Featured on the back cover are my husband Frank and me while at the Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase. The post describing that event is dated 1/25/18. When I created this book, I chose the cover color of a masculine brown go with brown squares in my grandson's quilt and with the Harry Potter images on the shirt my husband is wearing, sewn for him by our daughter.

The Dedication for Volume 10 reads

The birth of William Daniel on April 13, 2018 prompted the quilt on the front cover. A tile quilt and a top with curved piecing are within the pages of DL2Q Vol. 10, tucked among items made for grandkids. A Road to California quilt show in SoCal and my local guild's Silent Auction fundraiser are also included.
– Diane I. Chambers

Here is the Table of Contents for Volume 10. In keeping with my own notes for improvement, I kept the number of posts less than 24 so the Table of Contents would not overflow onto a second page.

Links to my previous volumes:

  • DL2Q Volume 10 posted 07/05/2018 cover color Brown Swirls
  • DL2Q Volume 9   posted 06/22/2018 cover color Polka Dots - green
  • DL2Q Volume 8   posted 06/27/2017 cover color Polka Dots - blue
  • DL2Q Volume 7   posted 06/27/2017 cover color Polka Dots - pink
  • DL2Q Volume 6   posted 06/27/2017 cover color Red Swirls
  • DL2Q Volume 5   posted 12/16/2015 cover color Green Swirls
  • DL2Q Volume 4   posted 03/18/2015 cover color Plum Flowers
  • DL2Q Volume 3   posted 03/18/2015 cover color Flowers - yellow
  • DL2Q Volume 2   posted 04/14/2014 cover color Flowers - pink
  • DL2Q Volume 1   posted 04/17/2013 cover color Blue Swirls

My reminder notes for best layout and for consistency in future volumes:
  • Volume 1 post contains overall tips
  • Do not add captions to blog photos (explained in post for Volumes 3 and 4)
  • Keep number of included posts at 24 or less for one page Table of Contents
  • Photo format for best cover layout are in priority order square, portrait, landscape
  • Include comments in the book and maximize the photo size
  • Opt neither to reposition nor resize photos to minimize pages; keep formatting same as when posts are published online

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  1. Wonderful! I heard you could print your blog but I really didn't know where to start.