Friday, June 22, 2018

My DL2Q Blog Book – Volume 9

I have added Volume 9 of my DianeLoves2Quilt blog book to my ongoing series that I make from the online service Blog2Print.  Note to self: make up these blog books this more often and smaller. Volume 9 contained 355 pages which is really too thick and heavy to handle. It contains only six months of posts but is near the maximum that Blog2Print can handle. I typically choose to include comments in the book, maximize the photo size, and keep the formatting the same as when I published the posts online, opting neither to reposition nor resize photos to minimize pages.

Volume 9: May 31, 2017 - Dec 27, 2017

My daughter Robin and I are pictured on the front cover seated together while visiting the Houston Quilt Festival. The post for our fun time there was dated 11/9/17. My quilt out of Kaffe Fassett prints titled Out of the Blue is featured on the back cover. The post describing this quilt is dated 8/16/17. When I created this book in June 2018, I chose the cover color of green to pick up my green straw hat on the front and the green round of prints on the back cover.

The Dedication for Volume 9 reads

DL2Q Vol. 9 takes you to several quilt shows, the big one in Houston and three in California. Besides quilts sewn, there are many grandchildren-focused items: crib sheets, blankets, dolls, and pillows. Holiday decor includes pumpkin and haunted house wall hangings and a Christmas tree skirt. A zany zebra will greet you, too.
– Diane I. Chambers

Here is the Table of Contents for Volume 9

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The Volume 1 post contains tips I learned when I first started making these books. The post for Volumes 3 and 4 has an explanation of why I no longer add captions to the photos on my blog. To these tips I'd like to add what I learned from Volume 9. If I keep the number of posts I include to 24 or less, the Table of Contents will be one page and not have that small spillover onto a second page. My nine-volume collection of DianeLoves2Quilt is shown below. From this overview I notice that square format photos make the best cover presentation and, after that, portrait format does pretty well, also. Landscape format is my last choice format option.

This book covered up to December 2017 so I have more than enough posts in 2018 to make up another book, especially if I want it to be fewer pages. I will probably do that now and then wait until the site's next sale to submit it.

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  1. Your books are amazing as are your blog posts! Congratulations on another book to add to your collection.