Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekly Wordle 355

I am not sewing – other than cluttering the dining room table and hallway laying out fabric to cut drapes for the family room; so I decided to stall and write a bit.

An explanation of a Weekly Wordle is given in my previous post for June 5, 2018. Briefly it is a writing exercise to write a story or poem using all twelve of the words in the colored box. Here is my effort for The Sunday Whirl's Weekly Wordle 355.

The blaring horns from the city traffic on the street below were dulling her senses, crushing her spirit, and stifling her breathing as she sat huddled over her computer keyboard. If she were to write anything of merit, she would need to dig deep, act as if that urban auditory pollution were not bearing down on her ear drums, and listen to what her heart and mind were trying to whisper to her above the din. Silence was sacred but clearly it had been years since this small patch of earth had prospered from its presence.
Perhaps, since I am in a sewing lull, I should change the phrase "if she were to write anything of merit" to the phrase "if she were to sew anything of merit". But then I would have used only eleven words!

Then again, if I had written nothing at all I might have those drapes cut out by now.


  1. bwaahahaha at your last sentence. I like your writing exercise... glad to have a friend doing it with me! LeeAnna at not afraid of color