Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vintage Quilt Top from Street Fair

Sunday May 28th my husband and I went to an antique fair on the main street of our neighboring town of Pleasanton. One of the vendors was selling a quilt top that caught my eye. I am not a fan of the vintage 1920's look with the signature bubble gum pink but I liked this combination of pinks and blues and reds and navies and it had dots and checks, which also typically appeal to me. So I bought it for $20 and once I got home, I spread it out to get a better look.

The information on the sales tags gave its dimension as 64" x 77" and dated it approximately pre 1910 from Osceola, FL. I was not convinced of the validity of the dating but that was not important to me. I hated to see something that someone had worked so hard on a long time ago go unappreciated.

I looked up typical colors by year in a quilt index wiki. The pink could have been somewhat  associated with the stated time maybe a few years later.

The workmanship was not stellar but I liked the overall carefree feeling the quilt top radiated to me. From the closeup  you can see that some corners are nipped off, not all intersecting seams meet where they should, and the stripes are kinda of cattywampus and not consistently oriented. I would be beating myself over it if I had pieced the top but I am OK with the casualness of this creation.

I have a 5½ yard of pink fabric that I will use as a backing. Why I have that much of this pale pink novely mini-print is beyond me but I will now be able to put it to good use.

A close look at my backing fabric reveals the phrase Hippity Hop Hop over and over again. The vintage dot fabric is very thin, almost like a gauze, but perhaps when quilted to a batting and backing it will be a bit sturdier.

The colors do blend and are a decent complement to each other. Maybe a navy blue binding is in its future. Two sides have edge sashing in the dot print and two do not so I will need to figure out what to do with that. I am considering cutting the sashing width in half on the two sides that have it and using that on the two sides that do not. I have the best of intentions to not agonize over the quilting of this top and regard it as a learning experience. Fingers crossed.

Also at the antique fair I scooted into one of the home decor stores along Main Street. I bought this scarf. It is actually large enough to be a shawl.  It looks like I was in a coral pink and navy mood. I show it here because the pattern is so fascinating to anyone who loves fabric. It is uncanny how the colorway of the scarf and the quilt top are so similar, yet one screams modern and the other murmurs vintage. They both even have a little bit of taupe thrown in.

Speaking of interesting patterns, I also bought a table from one of the artisan vendors on the street. It is a table welded from a miscellanea of tools and hardware. I thought my husband would fall in love with it but he did not and argued we had no place to put it; but I bought it over his protestations. Here is the welded table top. It holds my interest for quite a while, noting all the items I see. Can you find the following: wrenches, nuts, hatchet, gear, bicycle chain, chain link, hook, washers, pan, horseshoe, hook, mesh, golf club heads, bolts?

I tucked it between two chairs in our family room. I think the nail heads on the chairs arms and the metal of the table complement each other. The curvy legs repeat the swoopy pattern of the carpet, also. I plan to get a piece of plexiglass or glass to set on top. My husband has agreed, now that he sees it in place, it is pretty cool and he is glad (sort of) I insisted we buy it.

Speaking of finding, I am going to find my way to Let's Bee Social #230 and link up.


  1. I was just as enamored of all the things in this post that you were. The vintage quilt top, saving someone's hard work, that super cool modern scarf (you need to show a picture of you modeling it!) and this AWESOME table! My niece's husband is a welding apprentice right now. I am going to show her this picture! I REALLY enjoyed this post!

  2. I noticed this table in your grommet post and I'm glad I found this post with all the detail about it. It's a fantastic accent for your room.

  3. What a lovely find! Fingers crossed that you do not work yourself into a tizzy over it, because after all these years I am sure that quilt top doesn't care what it looks like, it just wants to be snuggled and loved! Also, love the table. Very cool!