Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Writing Is Creative, Too

Rather than dig out my sewing room so I could be productive, I chose to browse some of blogs I follow sporadically. My previous post was titled When You Don't Sew, Buy but we can't always do that, now can we? I needed another outlet.

I like the blog Not Afraid of Color by LA Paylor and her post for yesterday June 3, 2018, titled Writing prompts... caught my eye. She started participating in a writer's linking party at the blog The Sunday Whirl. Basically, once a week on Sunday, a list of words is given and the writer is challenged to compose a story or poem using all of them if possible. Here is my first attempt at Weekly Wordle 354 where I attempt to use all twelve words in the green box. Maybe when my sewing stalls, I will write for fun instead. 

Dang! First she felt the blast of hot air and then heard the front door slam. Were they back already? Had she lost that much track of time? She thought the traffic would be bad, literally at a crawl on the holiday weekend and suspected, or rather hoped, she’d have at least a couple hours to herself while they were at the Little League game. This was the first chance she’d been alone in quite a while. She could empathize with Anna from Frozen singing, “for the first time in forever”. As soon as they’d left she’d raced to hang up the clothes from the dryer before they wrinkled, started another load on a wash cycle, flipped on her favorite home decor channel, and flopped onto the couch, remote in hand. Sometimes she was convinced that there was an invisible link between her butt hitting a seat cushion and the utterance of a plaintive cry of “Mom…” from someone. Then she heard it. “Mom… the other team had to forfeit. Where are you?” Sigh.

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  1. yes! Love that! You captured a moment in time, a scenario we could all relate to. I'm excited to see you join in!! Creative writing is creative too. I am learning as I go, but still like my "down in the valley" story best this month.

    There are two prompts, Sunday whirl, and sunday whirlagig, with different prompts... more fun!