Friday, February 10, 2012

Dazzle and Ribbon Knit Scarf

This UFO was in one of the drawers in my sewing room and since I am working toward finishing projects, I had renewed interest in it.   These types of accessory scarves were very popular quite a few years ago.  Now I will just think of it as "Vintage". It is wider here than when worn around your neck, where it narrows and stretches to about 6 feet and can double wrap, kind of like a necklace.

It knitted up very quickly in garter stitch with size 17 needles, 15 stitches on a row.  I just plain forgot I had started it.  I finished it this week during a few shows of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

The speckled look comes in with pairing Dazzle "yarn" (also see close-up at this website) with ribbon (gives the shimmery look) and knitting with the two together.  Yes, size 17 needles are like knitting with logs and you need to take a bit of care not to split the Dazzle by poking between the "ladder rungs", but, once you get the knack of the motion, it really is not hard.  The satin-like ribbon has no stretch whatsoever to it though, so beware, those of you who are tight knitters.

The small white cylinder you see in the picture with the knitting needles is the small plastic spool leftover when I used up all the ribbon.  I has a pretty thick wall and it seems a shame to throw it out.  Hmmm... it must be good for something...

I'd better hang on to it!   ;•)


  1. That is a cool scarf! And very much still in style, I think. I have seen them at street fairs around here and in Colorado fairly recently.

  2. I agree with Robin - the scarf is very cool and still in style. Congrats on finishing it!