Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter 2010 Olympics Reindeer Hat

I saw this hat at the opening ceremony for the 2010 Olympics and had to have it. After googling and finding the  olympic-reindeer-hat pattern on line I had to run out to the yarn store immediately and buy the yarn for it.  Well, you know how that goes; had the yarn and pattern and needles and here it is two years later... but I finally did make it.  All that is left to do is sew in the strings and make the decorative tassels at the top.

I have attached another errata I found in the chart. It is in the snowflake band at the bottom where you want the pattern to repeat and join up.  (The chart is given once and is to be repeated for two pair of reindeer.)  I had to leave out one blue column of stitches and substitute another with blue and white column at the far left.  I knit up and tore down twice before noticing the pattern was wrong and not that I had made a mistake.  It was hard to notice since it was at the repeat point so beware.

Here are the hats being worn by some of our athletes last Olympics as they stand on the podium to get their medals.

SUMMARY:  (and reminder list for me) of what other irons I have in the fire.  

Complete projects:
  1. Halloween quilt- complete with label
Ongoing projects:
  1. Add tassels to cream/red/navy 2010 winter Olympics ski cap
  2. Bind Tool quilt
  3. Border Doll quilt
  4. Pick design/pattern for D&N baby quilt- request colors pink, pale purple, pale lime green
No progress:
  • Get Fire and Ice from closet and decide backing
  • Grinch quilt- get inspired
  • Layout mask fabric hexagon quilt on design wall
  • Pumpkin/Red/Iris wall hanging- decide/piece backing
  • Get chicken quilt from closet and revisit to make bigger or call good enough
This week's stats:
       Completed  projects-1
       New projects - 0
       Currently in progress- 4

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  1. Ok, that hat is AWESOME! Did all the Americans medal with them, or just a particular team?

  2. Oh yeah! I'm glad you figured out the issue in the pattern and were able to finish this project. I know it was bugging you when you were visiting us!