Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hoo Pillowcase

Since I bought that sale fabric yesterday on a whim I was feeling a bit guilty. So, instead of putting it away, I sewed it up into a pillowcase while I was still enthusiastic about it. The main pink fabric of the body, "Whooooo Loves You",  was what I bought yesterday. 

The fabric of the bottom band I bought on our weekend in Cambria last November.  It was in a scrap bin and I bought it as an 11 inch scrap just because I thought it was so adorable and I loved the color combination.  It was perfect once I squared it up since I needed 10 inches for the bottom band.  The turquoise dots for the accent band I just had in my stash.  Notice the owls have dots on their front and wings, too.  I think dots are becoming my signature... kinda like Coco Chanel.

It was a short, quick, fun project and finished with plenty of time until Valentine's Day.

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